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End the Silent Scream.
Say No to Pet Suffocation in Cars!

The Problem

Every year, countless innocent animals suffer because they are left unattended in locked cars. The temperature inside a car can rise to a deadly 100°F in just 10 minutes on an 85°F day, and it only escalates from there.Tragically, this can lead to irreversible organ damage or death in just 15 minutes. It is our moral duty to be aware of this silent killer that claims the lives of hundreds of pets each year, and to take a stand against this cruel and inhumane treatment of our beloved companions.

What can you do?

If you witness this heart-wrenching scene of a pet trapped in a hot car, you have the power to make a difference.First, assess the situation and contact emergency services immediately to report the incident.While we do not condone vandalism, we understand that in extreme situations, every second counts. If you believe there is no time to wait, communicate your concerns to the emergency services operator and seek permission to take necessary action, even if it means breaking a window to rescue the animal.Please note that taking such actions may expose you to legal repercussions; this is a personal decision and a grave responsibility to undertake.

Join us in our fervent mission to outlaw the abhorrent practice of leaving animals unattended in vehicles.By adding your signature to our petition, you are not just supporting a cause; you are championing the rights of every animal at risk of becoming a victim to this cruel act.Sign the petition now and be a beacon of hope for animals everywhere.

Take a Stand Against Cruelty

Show your unwavering support and help us put an end to this heart-breaking cruelty. Together, we can forge a future where no pet has to suffer such a tragic fate.

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